Percents and Fractions

You’ll learn to express percents as fractions and vice versa. Knowing how to express a number in a different form can help you interpret a monthly budget.

You know that a 10 x 10 grid can be used to represent hundredths. Since the word percent means out of one hundred, you can also use a 10 x 10 grid to model percents.

Shade two fifths of the 10 x 10 grid. What percent have you modeled?

Toss a coin 50 times. Record the number of times the coin shows heads.
Then calculate the percent that represents the number of times the coin
showed heads.

How is forty-five hundredths written as a percent?

Express eighty-five percent as a fraction in simplest form.

Activity Have students separate into groups according to the months in which
they were born. Then have each group figure out what percent of the class their
group represents. Have students express their results in both fraction and percent form.