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Hooked on Phonics MATH!

by on Nov.13, 2011, under Math

In today’s technologically advanced society, math skills are vital. Many job and educational opportunities demand math proficiency, especially as technology becomes more and more ubiquitous. Yet despite the perceived importance this country places on mathematics, recent international assessments have shown U.S. students lagging behind their peers in other industrialized nations in math skills. (continue reading…)

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Iphone Memory and Addition Game

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Games, Math

mzi_nxsdfplz_170x170-75Find all the matching pairs of cards. The first one in the pair must be an addition operation and the second one the result of the addition. The faster you match, the more points you get.

“Add and Match” will keep your kids educationally entertained, all the while developing their concentration, memorization, and math skills.

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Who Else Wants Kids To Improve At Math And To Have Fun While They Do?

by on Aug.14, 2010, under Games, Math

Imagine being able to actually have kids begging to practice math. Wouldn’t that great for a change?

Or what if you could see their math skills improving by the day. You’ll be proud of the kids and they’ll be proud of themselves too! (continue reading…)

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Multi-digit dividends

by on May.27, 2010, under Lesson plans, Math, Reviews

Describe the process of finding quotients involving multi-digit dividends using models, place value, properties, and the relationship of division to multiplication.

TITLE: Multi-digit dividends

AUTHOR: Teacher’s name

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: Appropriate for grade 5

OVERVIEW: Understanding division in all its aspects (from simple operation to properties and connection with multiplication) can be difficult for many students. It takes time and practice in order to can use it further in algebra, geometry, trigonometry or calculus. Also the practical part is very important for using division confidently in real life.

(continue reading…)

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Lesson plans – Introduction

by on May.04, 2010, under Math, Reviews

My memory is not the best one…and I don’t remember too much from my childhood, but between my most beautiful memories are my grandparents and some school moments I remember smiling nostalgic happily. I know it does not sound great – my husband and many friends are telling me that – but I loved school! I wasn’t the best student, only a normal one with a bit of passion for socializing, math and especially for my math teacher, who used to have a real talent for teaching, but also a great perfume…

(continue reading…)

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Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

by on Mar.30, 2010, under Games, Math

Equate looks a bit like Scrabble–for aspiring mathematicians, that is. Designed by a real mathematician, it works like this: You put down tiles on a board and make points by correctly completing simple equations. Your nine tiles include both numbers and mathematical symbols; you can add on to previous plays both vertically and horizontally. Learn simple stuff (like what division is) and more sophisticated ideas (like the order of precedence among arithmetic operations). (continue reading…)

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TwentyFour – iPhone Game

by on Mar.09, 2010, under Games, Math

TwentyFour is an addictive new iPhone game based on a classic math card game!
Use the four given numbers with +, -, x and ÷ to make 24.
Hours of fun! Great for keeping your mind sharp with mental math!
Test your skills today!
(continue reading…)

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Educational Insights Readiness Math Games

by on Mar.04, 2010, under Games, Math

Reversible game boards provide added value. When students wish to play a different game, they flip the board over and play another. (continue reading…)

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Massively Multiplayer Online Math Game

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Games, Math

A massively multiplayer online game requiring players to employ mathematical concepts could revolutionize the teaching of mathematics at the middle school level, according to Stanford mathematician Keith Devlin. (continue reading…)

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Educational Insights Math Whiz

by on Feb.27, 2010, under Games, Math

Math Whiz plays like a video game and teaches like electronic flash cards.
(continue reading…)

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